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We combine the strengths of our business processes and technology with an experienced servicing team to provide you a customized solution. Count on us to provide superior service to your members at every point of contact.

Diann Doty

Loan Servicing Specialist 

Diann has worked with CU Channels for the last eight years. She processes taxes and home owners insurance, including research and reporting for both. She also handles escrow anaylsis. Diann answers questions from members regarding their mortgage loans as well.

Marie Harrington

Senior Loan Servicing Specialist 

Marie has been in the credit union industry since 1990 and joined CU Channels in 2007. She handles various payment processes for members and helps with special requests like mortgage modifications and credit union reporting for CU Channels. 

Brenda Frey-McCaw

Loan Servicing Specialist

Brenda has been with CU Channels for 15 years. She is very familiar with mortgage loans having worked on both the origination and servicing sides. She helps assist members and credit unions with loan questions. 

Brenda Nielsen

Loan Servicing Specialist

Brenda has been with credit unions since 2008 and joined CU Channels in 2012.  She handles the daily processing of payments and payoffs, as well as end of day/month reporting. Brenda also helps members with special requests like loan modifications and PMI cancellations. 

Renee Sanders

Loan Servicing Manager

Renee is a 20-year veteran in the mortgage lending industry. She's been with CU Channels and Purdue Federal Credit Union for 15 years. Currently Renee is the loan servicing manager. She can help answer your general questions about existing mortgages, remittance, servicing transfers, escrow analysis and loan modifications. She also brings a depth of knowledge related to cards and consumer loan servicing. 

Evelyn Royer

President/Chief Operations Officer

Evelyn supervises both the loss mitigation and loan services departments for Purdue Federal Credit Union. Her role includes overseeing collections, credit counseling and servicing for loans and card products. She is also the executive reponsible for CU Channels, LLC.

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